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Overview | Asseti reporting and analytics

Asseti Paradigm is an asset benchmarking framework that leverages artificial intelligence and big data to deliver relevant insights on your network.

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Asseti Paradigm leverages the scale of Asseti’s historical record of facts, or occurrences, connected with assets of differing types. An extensive history of these facts enables the platform to identify similarities and trends - in this way, clients benefit from the addition of similar experiences to theirs, making recommendations and insights more robust. This is a similar but significantly advanced version of traditional asset degradation modeling. Traditional asset degradation modeling uses engineering curves designed for asset types, with some thought for environmental conditions.


Asseti Paradigm for sites with live data feeds

An example of the Asseti Paradigm in action is following an extreme weather event.

Live weather data streaming combined with live IoT site feeds would inform immediate status reporting and real-time monitoring of the asset and asset network. Were an asset to degrade significantly or go offline, notifications would transmit, and preconfigured workflow sequences enact. The Asseti Paradigm means that the system’s ongoing asset and network analysis would continue to deliver real-time updates to condition, repair work progress, or new incident.

Asseti Paradigm for sites without live data feeds

Client sites without live asset monitoring on their assets would derive highly significant insight from the Asseti Paradigm in the case of emergencies such as extreme weather events.

Asseti Paradigm would utilize feeds available combined with historic insight to assess, categorize and alert asset managers of statistically likely outcomes. The manager would be notified that a specific incident type is underway or has occurred, and the asset condition based on available information. In this way, Asset would leverage the power of its extensive records and computing power to assist asset managers to make informed immediate decisions during events.


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